Tuesday, July 29, 2008

more ideas from the professor @oakland cemetery (fujica ax-5)

Oakland Cemetery is one of my favorite places to shoot flicks, mostly because several visitors have expressed they are not wild about cemetery photographs.

A few years ago, during a conversation with my friend The Professor, he mentioned riding through Oakland Cemetery as a child and wondering about the monuments reflecting the Downtown Atlanta skyline, which is visible from the graveyard. As this was an excellent idea, I set off to implement it.

This monument is similar to the Suntrust building in the background, yet different from the other buildings in the skyline. Also, the monument appears to be the same scale as the buildings and slightly taller than Peachtree Center. This photograph reverses the dynamic, with the tombstone dominating the Westin in the background.

The next two flicks focus on the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills building, now converted into lofts. The first is a monument reflecting the water tower and building and the second is a different marker reflecting the water tower. I think these photographs work well with the Professor's idea, what do you think?

Those who missed it may wish to peruse The Professor And His Ideas @Oakland Cemetery.

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