Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bad neighborhoods @castleberry hill & vine city (polaroid 1200si)

One day, while strolling through my neighborhood, I came across this low budget car wash. When I went back in the evening to photograph the car wash in the evening, the proprietor - at least I assumed he was - was sitting in front of it. I went back a few more times and was finally rewarded with a people free flick.

Although the car wash looks like it could be anywhere in the rural southeastern United States, it is located only a few miles from downtown Atlanta. As far as I know, the car wash is still there and still in business.

Homelessness is a serious issue in Atlanta. It is a problem, because they irritate me by asking for money all the time. However, there were two agreeable (i.e. they never talked to me) fellows engaged in urban camping in my neighborhood. Most of the time, they simply sat in a field with their limited posessions. After several tries, I was able to take this flick of a bums' nest, minus the residentially challenged persons.

While out strolling on another day, I discovered this Atlanta Falcons fan's recreational vehicle, located in a vacant lot on the eastern edge of Vine City. For readers unfamiliar with Atlanta, Vine City is a serious slum, mostly famous for its open air drug market. I went early in the morning to get the photograph, while all the crackheads were still asleep. Even then, I did not dare venture inside. By the time I found someone willing to explore the interior with me, the RV was gone.

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