Tuesday, November 11, 2008

random buildings @downtown jamestown (nikon d70)

On a trip to New York, I stopped by downtown Jamestown in search of decaying buildings. We were there on a Sunday evening and the area seemed more abandoned than it is. Aside from the people I was with, we only saw three or four others wandering the streets.

One of the first interesting buildings I found is the Arcade Building. Over the years, attempts have been made to renovate and reuse the building, but nothing has ever actually happened and it's still vacant.

Up the street from the old Arcade Building is an abandoned display in a vacant store window. From the debris, it appears the store has been out of business for quite some time.

Finally, despite several vacant buildings, there are still plenty of going concerns in downtown Jamestown. An example is this display in the window of Bro Laines.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

more of the former cotton warehouse @grantville (fujica ax-5)

On yet another trip to Grantville, I convinced a friend to go as well. This time, to mix things up, I shot some black and white film. I especially like how this vine on the side of a former cotton warehouse came out. I am also fond of this black and white version of a valve on the wall of a former cotton warehouse.

While wandering around downtown, we were disappointed to discover that Nick's Pizza Stop was closed for the holiday. However, we did come across an ancient Chevrolet Suburban with "No Fear" spray painted on the side.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

sunlight and garbage @ castleberry hill (fujica ax-5)

Despite being invented by musicians in the 1930s, Kodachrome is still better than any modern color film. I was overjoyed to discover it is still manufactured and processed. While some clarity and color depth of the slides is lost in the scans, enough of the unique feel is retained to be worth posting.

While hanging out with the Atlanta Photographers Guild and shooting models, I was rather bored. I noticed the evening sun on a railing and took a shot, as I knew the Kodachrome would reproduce the colors well. Conversely, in cold light, Kodachrome is capable of producing some fabulous blues and greens, as shown in this photograph of garbage in the ghetto.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

bad neighborhoods @castleberry hill & downtown atlanta (polaroid 1200si)

One of the nicer aspects of Castleberry Hill is the never ending supply of garbage everywhere. Most of the litter can be attributed to the filthy animals that are Falcons fans, but the neighborhood also seems to attract more than its fair share of random dumping. The City of Atlanta's inability to provide basic services like street and sidewalk cleaning does not help.

To the northeast of Castleberry Hill is downtown Atlanta. This part of the city features some of metro Atlanta's premier office space. Right next to that fine office development are premium downtown Atlanta condominiums. I'm not sure if those are abandoned residences or a vacant hospital of some sort.

Back in Castleberry Hill, the residentially challenged are living large, as evidenced by this bum's nest. I hope everyone enjoyed this tour of scenic downtown Atlanta!

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