Sunday, January 23, 2011

adventures with s and d @providence canyon (fujica ax-5)

A few years ago, I went camping with S and D at Providence Canyon in south Georgia. I hate camping, but adjacent to the trail along the top of the canyon are several rusted out decaying automobiles. The vehicles were part of a homestead before the area became a state park. A sign near the dilapidated hulks states that removing the cars would be detrimental to the ecosystem, as several creatures make their homes in the abandoned shells. However, I suspect the state is too cheap to do it. No matter, I enjoyed photographing them.

Along the canyon rim, we encountered the first of the cars. Most are still recognizable as automobiles, however ascertaining make and model is nearly impossible. One of my favorite shots is this rusted piece of a car. Despite the years and decay, some paint still remains, as evidenced in this picture of an abandoned vehicle. My favorite shot from the trip is this headlight assembly full of spider webs. Not everything is busted cars and rusted trucks, we also found an old graveyard where I took this photograph of a stone wall.

As an aside, Providence Canyon is not a 100 percent natural gorge. Poor farming methods caused the erosion that resulted in the canyon.

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