Sunday, July 29, 2012

kodachrome project @charleston (fujica ax-5)

Early in 2010, I took a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina to put some of my Kodachrome stash to good use. This was my first visit to the Holy City, despite living nearby in Atlanta for over ten years. The weather on this trip was absolutely fantastic and I was able to burn through four rolls of Kodachrome.

Downtown Charleston is an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and residences. Although national retailers are prominent and a few chain restaurants make an appearance, the majority of eateries on the peninsula are independents, which leads to some interesting signs as they vie for attention. I particularly enjoyed this neon bicycle on top of Basil.

Overall, downtown Charleston is well kept and a number of businesses are thriving. However, on the more interesting end of King Street, I was able to take this photograph of a burned out building in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. In contrast, this picture of a fish skeleton was taken at a well kept shop.

As mentioned previously, Charleston features a plethora of interesting signs. A substantial number of them are neon, like this Berlin's for Men sign or the Tellis Pharmacy sign.

In between photography expeditions, I enjoyed visiting several of Charleston's art galleries. Imbibing libations at two different rooftop bars with great views of the city and harbor was also a good way of passing the time. I had several tasty meals, with Coast being a standout. The seafood was delicious and the restaurant is in a former indigo warehouse, so the ambiance is top notch as well.

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