Monday, November 03, 2008

bad neighborhoods @castleberry hill & downtown atlanta (polaroid 1200si)

One of the nicer aspects of Castleberry Hill is the never ending supply of garbage everywhere. Most of the litter can be attributed to the filthy animals that are Falcons fans, but the neighborhood also seems to attract more than its fair share of random dumping. The City of Atlanta's inability to provide basic services like street and sidewalk cleaning does not help.

To the northeast of Castleberry Hill is downtown Atlanta. This part of the city features some of metro Atlanta's premier office space. Right next to that fine office development are premium downtown Atlanta condominiums. I'm not sure if those are abandoned residences or a vacant hospital of some sort.

Back in Castleberry Hill, the residentially challenged are living large, as evidenced by this bum's nest. I hope everyone enjoyed this tour of scenic downtown Atlanta!

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