Tuesday, November 11, 2008

random buildings @downtown jamestown (nikon d70)

On a trip to New York, I stopped by downtown Jamestown in search of decaying buildings. We were there on a Sunday evening and the area seemed more abandoned than it is. Aside from the people I was with, we only saw three or four others wandering the streets.

One of the first interesting buildings I found is the Arcade Building. Over the years, attempts have been made to renovate and reuse the building, but nothing has ever actually happened and it's still vacant.

Up the street from the old Arcade Building is an abandoned display in a vacant store window. From the debris, it appears the store has been out of business for quite some time.

Finally, despite several vacant buildings, there are still plenty of going concerns in downtown Jamestown. An example is this display in the window of Bro Laines.

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