Tuesday, October 11, 2011

adventures with s @dublin and toomsboro (nikon d70)

Early in 2009, S and I headed down to Dublin, Georgia to see what we could find. Our first discovery was a dive bar, with the requisite faded working class beer advertisement painted on the exterior wall. The back of the building was in even worse shape, as evidenced by this photograph of a busted metal roof.

Next, we wandered behind an electronics repair shop, where I took this image of a television in an alley. Around this time, several suspicious persons standing around with no apparent purpose began taking an interest in our camera gear. With nothing left to photograph in Dublin, we decided it was an opportune time to leave.

S and I headed north and ended up in Toomsboro, Georgia. Although not completely abandoned, Toomsboro seems to be a ghost town for all practical purposes. I photographed this old gas pump at an abandoned station just south of Toomsboro. In downtown Toomsboro, I found this warning sign on an ancient gas pump.

After leaving Toomsboro, we headed north again. S and I found what appeared to be an abandoned old auto shop and stopped to take a few pictures. Several hundred yards behind the shop was a house with 1980s hair metal blasting into the countryside. We found this somewhat strange. As we finished shooting the shop, we were accosted by a large sketchy fellow who was obviously quite drunk. We carefully backed away, hopped in the car, and left.

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