Wednesday, September 13, 2006

dilapidated buildings @grantville

Grantville is rural decay. I discovered the ruins while working the day job and made a mental note to go back.

Eventually, I rolled down to Grantville with my Nikons and took a few photographs of a dilapidated cotton warehouse, and an old stable that has fallen into disrepair. I held up a Nikon SB-800 and used the trick commander mode on my D70's built in flash to illuminate the valve and get the nice shadow against the white wall.

[UPDATE: The old stable has now been demolished, as of November, 23, 2006]

As I was taking pictures, a gnarly storm was rolling in. The drive back up to Atlanta was less than pleasant. After surviving the storm, brief hydroplaning on I-285, and numerous retarded Atlanta drivers, I made it home and surfed the internet to find information on the ruins I photographed. The internet was less than helpful, but there is a going concern in downtown Grantville - Nick's Pizza Stop. Besides serving as a point of consumption for pizza, Nick's also has plenty of information regarding Grantville history and the aforementioned ruins.


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