Wednesday, December 01, 2010

personal kodachrome project

About five years ago, a coworker mentioned he was taking photographs using a Pentax K1000 and Kodachrome film. I had assumed the legendary film had gone out of production years ago and had never shot any myself. So I picked up a few rolls to experiment with. I really liked the unique look of the film and it became a part of my regular kit.

Kodak announced in early 2010 they would not be producing any more Kodachrome and Dwayne's, the last remaining lab, set a deadline of December 30th, 2010 for processing. I stocked up on Kodachrome, ordering several rolls from B&H and more from Calumet when B&H ran out of stock.

Inspired by The Kodachrome Project, but constrained by having a day job, I decided to shoot as much of my Kodachrome supply as I could in different parts of the United States. Uncounted rolls, a pile of frequent flier miles, and a few road trips later, I ended up with around 300 final images. I managed to cover ten states, although I had shot Kodachrome in two or three of them prior to the announcement. The project results are posted under Kodachrome on Aspherical.

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